Working from my clients personal photographs, I create a bespoke teddy bear styled model to look like their pet cat or dog. I do make other pets on request.   As I make my own felt from wool fibers, I am able to blend the colours to create a good colour likeness and blend the tones that your real dog would have. The body remains 'toy-like' with the detail and attention being in the face shape and expression of your pet.   To create your own Toy Style Model I would need a good full face image, side views of your dog showing body shape and markings including tail length.

Rogues gallery: spot the one red handed!


Tough, tough day. After getting up for breakfast I snoozed, read the paper and did the crossword before napping in front of 'Bargain Hunt' is hard...


Hair and nails done, new outfit ordered online...what?? His credit card can take it!! 3

Whaaat?? When you've Gotta go you've Gotta go!!


I've got a secret stash of cat nip in my room if you'd like some....


Grass mowed and borders weeded, time to sit back and enjoy my lovely garden. 6

Look into my eyes not around my eyes...1, 2, 3...and you're under. Now, where have you hidden the biscuits?! 7

Watch the birdie guys and smi....uh? Where's the birdie gone?... 8

I don't think speed dating is for me, the boys were handsome and intelligent but they were all so short...


I didn't realise that 'speed dating' was how fast the girls could run away...


Why the worried looks? Don't you get worried when you go to the vets??11

Not guilty your honour. Those slippers were ready for the bin months ago...12

Well Hello ladies!!....