The needle felt models that I make are based on the photographs provided by my clients of their pets. They are approximately 5 inches in size and can be made in any position as they have a wire skeleton under the wool fibres. This style of model is often chosen as a memorial pet.   Needle felting involves building up layers of fibres, stabbing them repeatedly thousands of times with a single barbed needle to force the fibres to knit and felt together. These models take a very long time to make.   To create your own pet as a needle felt model I would need good clear close up images of the full face, side views showing body shape and markings and also the pose that you would like your dog made in.  

image19 image2

I didn't chew them, those slippers were like that before...sort of.


Your plan for today: drop bits of your breakfast, take me for a 'rabbit' walk, tickle my tummy, tickle it until your wrist hurts, give me a big dinner followed by a long walk and then cuddle me until we both fall asleep.


Are you going to eat all that? Aww come on!!


Dad. Dad. It's stopped raining!!


Bring that hair brush an inch closer and I promise I will roll in the next stinky thing I can find!


Just say the word. Say it. Say 'walkies' because I'm ready. Ready when you are.


On cat patrol...again...


I swear that was a packet rustling...


Sulking? Me? Well it depends whether you think not saving me any roast chicken was fair...


...ha ha, anyway so it got away and then we came home...quite an adventure!


Did I just hear the postman?


He's getting the car keys...yay, we're off to the Oh...he's going to work?? Ugh what again??!


Throw the ball. Throw the ball!!


Rogues gallery: which one looks the least guilty?


It was like that when I got here...I didn't kill it...honestly!


Any minute...any minute now she'll be won't be long...any minute...


I love it when clients send me pictures of their dog with their 'Mini Me' models!