Hidden in a treehouse, somewhere near to where you live, are a family of little bears exploring the world around them. They are known as The Boggy Marsh Garden Bears.
Mummy Bear is handy with a hammer and nails, fixing and making things for their cosy treehouse.  She works very hard whilst Daddy is busy foraging for seasonal berries and fruits, turning them into jams and juices. He loves to bake and encourages the children to help him in the kitchen (after they have washed their grubby paws of course)!
Their children; Lolly, Twiglet and Jim are bright and cheerful little bears eager to learn about their environment. Lolly loves to read and count, she's always patient, sweet and kind. Twiglet, a talented little artist, is obsessed with mini beasts and mischief. He is not so patient, often preferring to follow his mischievous side, which sometimes gets him into trouble. And then there's baby Jim, he's just learning to talk and has only one volume level: LOUD! He adores music and the family's pet dog Boris, who in turn adores Jim.
The Boggy Marsh Garden Bears love to tell stories and regularly leave a blog on this page, so be sure to visit regularly to see what they have been doing ... and to see what mischief Twiget has been getting up to!
Boggy Marsh Garden BearsBoggy Marsh Garden BearsBoggy Marsh Garden BearsBoggy Marsh Garden Bears


    Today we have all been making little paper boats to sail down the stream at the bottom of Boggy Marsh Garden. This is our way of taking part in the famous Boat Race where teams from Oxford and Cambridge row against one another on the Thames river. Boggy Marsh Stream is just as much fun when you have little paper boats to sail! Lolly has made hers look very pretty with colourful flowers and love hearts. Twiglet's is a pirate ship... not quite what I had in mind but we like to celebrate his 'uniqueness' and Jim's boat...after he'd chewed it... might not float, but once it's dried out and we've taped up the chewed holes, I'm sure it will be almost as good as new. I wonder who's boat will win?  


Lolly’s Missing Button

It’s finally stopped raining in Boggy Marsh Garden and Lolly decides to go outside to play with her skipping rope.  Lolly loves to count how many skips she can do. As Lolly does up the buttons on her coat she notices one of the buttons is missing. One, two, three…but where is button number four? Lolly looks on the floor,  but there’s no button there. She asks Mummy if she knows where it is but Mummy is too busy mending the rocking horse to help her look. “Have you asked Twiglet?” Mummy asks. Twiglet is sitting at the table drawing. “Look at my ladybird garden” says Twiglet holding up his picture.  “It has a path leading to the pond.” “That’s nice Twiglet, I like your flowers and bull rushes.  One, two, three flowers and one, two, three, four, five bull rushes.” counts Lolly carefully. “Twiglet have you seen my missing button?” asks Lolly pointing to her coat. But Twigglet isn’t looking he’s too busy colouring in his picture. Lolly decides to ask Daddy if he has seen her missing button. “Hello Lolly.” says Daddy “I’m just cutting up some apple for Jim, do you want some?” “Yes please.” says Lolly,  “Have you seen my missing button Daddy?  Look, I’ve only got  one, two, three buttons. It’s meant to have four.” “Oh dear!” says Daddy “That won’t do.  Let’s look in the button tin.” Lolly and Twiglet love the button tin.  Inside it has lots of ‘spare’ buttons.  Lolly likes to count them and Twiglet likes to put them in order of size. But there are no buttons that look like Lollys’ missing one. “More apple, more apple.”  shouts Jim from his high chair. “Sorry I can’t help you Lolly.”  says Daddy as he passes Jim another slice of apple.  “Have you asked Mummy and Twiglet?” “Mummy is mending the rocking horse and Twiglet is drawing a ladybird garden. Nobody has seen my missing button.” Poor Lolly. Twiglet has finished colouring in his picture. “Look at my ladybird.”  calls Twiglet as Lolly walks by. “She’s walking to the pond!” “My button!”  cries Lolly, “Your ladybird is my button!  Clever Twiglet.”  says Lolly hugging him. “But I found it and stuck eyes on it so it’s my ladybird.”  cries Twiglet. “You can keep it to play with for today” says Lolly kindly, “But I will need  it back.  We could look in Boggy marsh Garden for a real one if you like.” “Ok,” says Twiglet, “But later. I want to play with this Ladybird now.” “That’s fine.” says Lolly sweetly. “At least my missing button isn’t missing anymore!” Boggy Marsh Garden Bears Boggy Marsh Garden BearsBoggy Marsh Garden BearsBoggy Marsh Garden Bears


I'm Twiglet!


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